Because it helps keep the humanity close to nature and thus preventing us from being harmed by many physical irregularity due to reckless usage of chemical fertilizers, this farming concept is catching on faster among the people at global level.

Research studies show that farmers in India, Kenya, Brazil, Guatemala and Honduras have doubled or tripled their yields by switching to organic agriculture. Cuban farmers, who cannot access fertilizers and pesticides due to the U.S. embargo, have also realized greater yields by taking up organic farming. Thus organic farming is a globally wecome attempt towards creating a healthy and wealthy society.

It also helps keep the soil fertility and prevents erosion.

You may go through the ral life story of person who has escaped the danger of diabetes by consuming food produced through organic farming.

A True Story

How to reduce sugar level/diabetes?

How to control sugar level/ diabetes?

How to cure diabetes?

How to avoid diabetes?

This is my story which I am sharing with all of you who are diabetic or sick. I am a very energetic person and like to do a lot of work. Until one day when the water I drank was bitter, I started eating the same quantity of food every hour and I started urinating frequently. I felt lethargic, thirsty until when I felt for the first time in my life that I felt dizzy and was about to faint. Only then I realized that there was something wrong with me and it was 8 pm in the night I went around searching for a doctor. Finally I went to a doctor in my neighborhood and he tested my bold sugar levels and guess what it was? 500! I was 36 years old and my dad wasn’t diabetic but my mother became diabetic patient when she was 48. So I was under an impression I might get it at the same age when my mother got it. It was a big shock to me, and then my real plight to fight against diabetics began. I was put on various drugs my sugar level never came down. I was put on diet my sugar level simply would never come down; finally I was put on insulin as that was the only remedy although I was very much reluctant.

Oh My God! I felt like my life has come to an end. The symptoms kept me away from going anywhere for the fear of urinating. I had pain in my whole body and a frozen shoulder. I felt very bad and depressed. It also affected my work very badly as I am a foreign language teacher * I stopped taking project form MNCS. This is when I also felt that I was rearing the dieses in me. The time flew away in search of finding a cure or at least reducing the sugar levels and all my hopes were gone when I suddenly thought to refer what my mother took for it and as my mother was a doctor. I thought I could find solace and the hidden answer to it and yes I did find an answer to it in the form of roots and leaves which is used in Unani , Siddha and Ayurvedic medicine and a few instructions from my great grand mother ( A Hakim which means a doctor in urdu).

Now I slowly started using them and started my research as how to get these leaves and herbs and finally I got them and started using them. I could not believe the results, every leaf or the root I took started reducing my sugar and my HBAIC WAS 12.8 and within 3 to 4 months I felt that I was getting back to previous life and I started telling it to my close friends, relatives, students and some people who were fed up just like me got some hope and said that they would also like to try it. To their surprise their sugar levels too came down. Now I felt that I wanted to share my secret to all the people in the world who have diabetes.

The Secret Answer:

The answer to reduce lies in these leaves and roots that the Mother Nature has given to us but the cure lies within us. A little change in food habits, life style, walking for 45 minutes or vigorously work (all jobs lie water the plants, gardening, cleaning the house, doing exercises, yoga , applying acupressure or acupuncture as per the advice of naturopaths which will make one sweat and which will further help one to reduce it and live a healthy life and at a point of time one can reduce the medicines or change the dosage as per his/hers doctor’s advice. This gave me some hope and I slowly started cultivating these herbs which are not available easily. This is a very small step form my side to help the people reduce their sugar levels and motivate people to come out of this situation and it is my humble contribution and it is my humble contribution to the human kind fir having been born into this world. These herbs have been in Unani, Ayurveda and Siddha alternative medicinal systems which have been time tested and have been proved but one is not aware of it.

I thank God, My parents, my sister, my brother, my relatives, my friends who had faith in me.


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